Tom C


Adrift – Ludum Dare Game



In this boat simulator you have lost your sail and now adrift in the deep ocean.

I chose two themes for this MiniLD. Taking the ‘Not-a-game’ theme and using the boat as more of an experience. While the ‘Real-time’ theme is used in the sun and sky.

The game is set to use your computer’s clock for the sky. Meaning if you start the game up at six in the morning, you will be able to see the sun rise!

Other fun features are weather conditions like thunders storms!

WASD – Movement
Mouse – Looking

There is no current way to quit the game if you are running in fullscreen mode. Please use ALT-F4

Was a fun little game to make over this weekend, and I intend on ironing out all the bugs and updating the game soon.

For the water I used the the community Ocean Unity Plugin, and the sky uses the UniStorm plugin, everything else I created for this project.